Rare Blue Teaser

Rare Blue tells the story of Michael Smith, a confident man who has a peculiar interest in rare things. He is the creator of a Rare Blue Vase, which he will sell to all the people that share the same name as him. (this is all we can tell to not ruin the plot twists)
Rare Blue invites the spectator to follow the downfall of the main character Michael Smith. He will talk directly to the audience, switching from one reality to another. Michael Smith will make you part of his view of the world, his philosophy about egoism and morality. The film is composed by two parts, the day and the dark side. During the day Michael lives a normal life, once we follow him into the dark side everything is inverted…

Rare Blue will be released in April

Pre Production 100%
Photography 38%
Music 28%
Sound Design 2%
Post Production 1%

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